Olympus -II or mju-II

mju-II cameraThe mju-II (known as the Stylus Epic in the USA) is a tiny autofocus compact or point-and-shoot camera.  It has a very sharp, fast 35mm lens, and the results can match those of more sophisticated 35mm cameras.

Floodwater, Shrewsbury
Afon Carno, Powys Staircase, Bangor University
Autumn, Shrewsbury
Montgomery, Powys road graffiti, Powys Countryworks gallery, Montgomery Telford's Warehouse, Chester
church detail, Llandudno Slate fence, North Wales Thomas Telford Suspension Bridge at Menai Bridge Blists Hill, Ironbridge Gorge
Ruth a garden lily Hotdog seller  
There are more images in my Mju-II folder at photo.net.

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