1988 Honda VFR750

1988 model VFR750

A review of the 1988 VFR opened like this:
Anything can be improved.   The bright red 88 version of the VFR is a living example.
Honda had already created a good allround bike which in some ways equalled, and overall surpassed the opposition (which in those days was the Suzuki GSX-R, Kawasaki's GPX and Yamaha FZ). While the Suzuki and Kawasaki had the edge on the track (though it was a small advantage), they had this to say about the real world:
The GPX and GSXR750J had the edge on the Honda under race track conditions, but it's an edge you would probably not notice on the road. In fact, Honda might score over the other 750s in most conditions because it is neutral, forgiving and demands so little from the rider.   The engine has the same characteristics, giving its best response in the speed range that most riders use most frequently...   It generates confidence which lets you relax and that way you cover more ground for less effort.
Improvements included 17" wheels front and back, stronger fork legs and a more reliable ignition system. However, regulator/rectifier faults have occurred on VFRs throughout the 750cc model life. This is often attributed to exposure to heat as a result of the siting of the unit. The modifications are discussed on various sites, including one account of the DIY upgrade at the VFR FAQ pages. A clock and fuel gauge were added - two things which were still absent on many bikes 10 years later.

Front tyre
Rear tyre
Dry weight
110/80 V17
140/80 V17
87.5bhp @ 9,700rpm
47 lb-ft @ 9,000rpm

Still think VFRs are touring bikes? Then pop over to the AMA's Hall of Fame to see Bubba Shobert's VFR750, which won the AMA Grand National title in 1987.

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